About us


We take great pride in sourcing the best available natural timber which has been carefully graded, selected, kiln dried and prepared for the manufacture of joinery products. archwindowWhile we carefully select the best pieces to craft our products, it must be noted that timber is a natural product and therefore will have characteristics that occur naturally such as, colour and grain variation, gum vein and other markings which enhance the character of the timber. KD (VIC ASH) timber is a beautiful hardwood timber which is long lasting and locally grown in the harsh Australian climate. Therefore it is less prone to insect attack when compared to other imported or softwood timbers.

Our window sill and entry door sills are made using Merbau, Kapur, Eastern Mahagony which are harder more dense imported timber which is more durable and therefore more suitable for this purpose. KDHWD sills are also available on request (untreated).

The result is a strong durable window that will give the homeowner a quality product and peace of mind.

Proper care and maintenance will give the home owner a durable and aesthetically pleasing product which will be long lasting and remain functional for many years. Please refer to our care and maintenance recommendations for more information.

Timber windows and doors add value to your home as they can be painted and transformed to keep up with changing colours and trends unlike their aluminium and PVC counterparts.

Windows and doors made from KD (VIC ASH) have been used in Australia for many years and have stood the test of time. However, timber is a natural product and can sometimes be susceptible to extreme heat/cold climate. Please consider this when choosing timber doors and windows for your project.

We are a bespoke window and door manufacturer and only manufacture to customers requirements as per size, design and specifications provided/requested. We manufacture using materials deemed suitable for the manufacture of these products including timber, glass and hardware items.

The products we purchase have been tested by their manufacturers and are certified to meet the relevant building code standards and are deemed fit for purpose by the individual manufacturer.

Please take some time to read our care and maintenance tips and warranty conditions.